All the Family in One Place

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We finally have all the critters at the Dream Homestead.

Moving them was NO easy task.  Neil and I both decided that if we ever have to move again, the farm animals will just have to stay behind…only kidding of course.

We started with putting the goats in a huge dog crate in the back of the truck.  We decided I would ride in the back with Oliver to help keep him calm.

Our plan was to lift Oliver into the truck.  The once able to sit in my lap Oliver is now a 300 pound pig.  Teacup pig my redheaded booty!

As I am watching Neil and Oliver wrestling, with Oliver screaming and Neil struggling to lift the 300 pound kicking and screaming pig up into the back of truck, I was full of giggles.  To think that pig used to sleep in the bed with me!

After much struggle, we (ok, mostly Neil) got him into the truck and I climbed in beside him.  Neil took to the driver’s seat and I said a quick prayer that all would go smoothly on the 45 minute ride to the Dream Homestead.


As Neil started up the truck I called to him through the open back glass, “we have a weird life.” He totally agreed.

So down the road we went, with Neil driving a truck full of goats, a chubby pig and a sweaty redhead.  Oliver began to get nervous as we picked up speed and clambered into my lap.  You should have seen the looks we got driving down the road as I sat in the back of a truck with a large pig sitting in my lap.

Once Oliver settled into my lap, I took a deep breath and relaxed a bit.

As we drove down the road we passed a dairy farm that has a very strong odor of manure.  Oliver threw his snout into the air, took in a deep breath and FREAKED.  He started thrashing around in the back of the truck, desperately trying to get away from whatever it was he thought was going to happen to him.  Meanwhile I am holding onto him with one hand and the truck bed with the other, for fear his thrashing would throw us both out of the moving truck.

As I am hollering for Neil, who never even turned around, I tried my best to settle Oliver down.  He eventually squeezed himself in between the side of the truck bed and the goat crate and settled down a bit.  I brought bribery snacks along with us and once he settled down enough, fed him tiny bits of granola bar to keep him distracted until we pulled into home.  I had piggy hoof print bruises on my thighs all week.

We eventually got the goats and Oliver settled into their new pen.  We built them an awesome little shelter and treehouse.



We still have a storage unit full of stuff left to move, but I am so happy to have my little family all in one place; Neil, Denali, Peanut, Lilly, Mya (the white kitty), Freyja (the hedgehog), Daisy & Sawyer (the goats), Oliver (the pig) and the chickens.

Life finally feels complete.

Until next time…


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