A few weeks ago, I was greatly anticipating getting settled into a routine and less frantic pace of life.  How many of my fabulous readers can guess how well that is working out?

The first week of my new job was wonderful.  I was able to stay on top of housework, homestead chores and truly felt this was the next step in my career.

The second week I flew to another state for training and once there, everything completely changed.  In the spirit of remaining professional, let’s just say that things were quite different than originally explained in the job description.

The trip itself was a bit of a disaster, but even in the most disastrous of situations, light can be found.  I met some wonderful folks along my journey.

On the first day, I instantly clicked with two other women and we shared many meals and conversations together during the week.  They were the absolute highlight of the entire trip.

I also became the Uber Queen, since I had no car, and met the most interesting characters.

On my first Uber ride, I met a fellow who was an engineer by trade, but left to follow his passion for film making and was working for Uber to help supplement his income.  My new friends and I also met a crazy ex-taxi driver, who was full of vulgar jokes and more non-PC comments than we could count.  On my last ride, I met a woman who had a heart for people and used the time in the car to connect with them and offer encouragement.  She even helped a young girl who was stripping get out of that business and into nursing school.

Throughout all of the disappointment surrounding the new job, I couldn’t help but question fate’s plan.  What was the purpose of this adventure, why was all of this preparation and new hopes necessary if this wasn’t the path I was supposed to be on?

I am beginning to wonder what my place is in the nursing world.  Years of working too much and having to take care of spitting, snarling people has left more than a few cracks in my spirit.  I have found myself struggling more significantly after I was punched in the face by a patient a few years ago.

While the dust settles from the necessary actions regarding my job situation, I am actively seeking restoration. This is a word that has been forefront in my mind over the last year.

If my path is to be at the bedside in a dirty, busy ER than I need to accept that fully-even if I don’t particularly want to.  In order to give great care, I need to heal and be whole myself again.  I am working on much better nutrition and paying more attention to my emotional and spiritual needs.

Perhaps my path is never destined to be one that is settled and ordinary. Maybe that is the very purpose of my journey; to find peace and contentment in a life where continual change is swarming all around me.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Restoration

  1. Nursing is a tough usually thankless profession. I know this because my wife was an RN for 46 years. She worked all over,ICU, Cardiac, Med Surg, Recovery, you name it. Her best job: elementary school nurse. Just prior to retirement.

  2. You never know what God has planned, it can truly be shocking and what you least expect. I was a scared quiet chick who fainted at the sight of blood, I’ve been a nurse 11 years! I never had a desire to have kids and knew for sure I didn’t ever want to teach. So I have 2 girls whom I adore and we homeschool!!! Wanna hear God laugh, tell him your plans:) It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters.

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