And Then it Was Fall


It seems as though we went from the middle of summer to the middle of fall in 24 hours here on the homestead in North Carolina.

This summer has been brutal, with temperatures in the high 90’s, humidity so thick you could swim your way through it and very little rain.  I am grateful we didn’t have time to plant a garden this year-there is no way I could have kept up with the watering.

Today, with the tropical storm making it’s way to shore from the ocean, the air is cool and the wind is whipping through the trees with intermittent rain storms.  We all wished the summer would leave and it looks like our wish has been granted.

For the first time since we moved into the new homestead, Neil and I got to enjoy some time on our beautiful back porch watching the rain fall.


We finished the last of our unpacking this week and I don’t EVER want to move again.  All of our rooms are organized and decorated, with the exception of Neil’s gigantic man cave upstairs.  Hopefully, in the coming months we can afford to get it set up nicely.

I have found myself in an unfamiliar limbo these last few weeks.  When I left my emergency room position at my home hospital in town, I was so excited for a different path in my nursing career.  In three short weeks, 18 days to be exact as Neil frequently reminds me, that dream abruptly ended when my orientation group was switched-without us having a say at all-to a whole different job which was awful.

I resigned from that position quickly after the switch, with the intention to take a travel assignment once again.  Thinking of having to travel was absolutely daunting, but I knew we could benefit from the income.  I was submitted for several different local positions and for one reason or another, none of them worked out.

As the days went on without any prospects, I began to get a little nervous about future mortgage payments.  I applied to a few different positions and got offers from them, but none of them were a good fit for our family.  One day, I found myself applying to a home health company that I knew very little about.  After a lot of research and two interviews, I was offered a great position with them.

I have never done home health, but am really excited to try something different and be in a position where I will have one on one time to spend with patients and their families. Let’s hope this company doesn’t pull a bait and switch like the last one did!

We lost several chickens the other week, 3 of my favorites, to some unknown predator while they were out free ranging.  In all the years I have had chickens, I have never lost a single one to a predator before now.  I came mighty close one year when I heard my Silkie chicken scream and ran outside just in time to see a hawk scoop her up.  I yelled as loud as I could and it dropped the chicken unharmed.

We are gradually moving Oliver and the goats backwards into the woods and utilizing their grazing as free grading work.  We have several acres of woods behind the house, that eventually will be cleared for our big barn and horses.


When spring comes back around, hopefully we can add more goats and delve into breeding them.

I am sitting here in my beautiful new office listening to the rain come down all around me. With life seemingly picking up more speed with every passing day, I am trying hard to hold on to quiet moments like this.  My pups are sleeping peacefully at my feet, my farm critters are all tucked up safely in their barns and the man I share my entire heart with is bravely keeping the streets of our city safe, while his family is warm and cozy awaiting his return to the homestead.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “And Then it Was Fall

  1. Congratulations on both of yours hard work and successful move. I am a long time reader and certainly enjoy all your posts. Keep up the good work.

    from Southport…..

    • Hello Richard, Thank you for your post. It’s great to hear from you, that made my day you have been along for the ride! Southport is beautiful, it is one of our favorite places to visit! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

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