Makings of a Dream Homestead

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Our homestead is transforming into the homestead of our dreams and Neil and I are having such a good time making it our own.

These little 6 acres mean more to me than I could ever explain. Sharing this little piece of earth with all these critters and the man I will spend forever with is such an amazing experience.

We have been working hard on clearing land, building goat playgrounds and planning for the future.

My parents gave us a staircase they didn’t need after their farmhouse was built.  We put it to great use.  We removed the banister and turned it into a chicken roost and added the stairs to our ever growing goat playground.


We are adding a new member to our goat heard tomorrow and we are super excited for y’all to meet him.  Neil and I spent tonight building a new house for him.  It is so nice to have  a garage and an organized workspace to get all the homestead projects done.


We also have some awesome new chickens arriving to the homestead in the near future.

Neil and I finally had an opportunity to explore our wooded acres this week. I am so pleased with the property. The goats and Oliver joined us on our little expedition.


We are super excited about all the projects and new members joining our homestead, we are so glad you are on this path with us.

Until next time…



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