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We have a new stud muffin on the homestead and I am in love! We added a Pygmy buck to our little herd and are looking forward to babies in the spring. He came from a great herd and the family who raised him follows our beliefs that natural animal care is best.


He is only 5 months old, but the second he saw Daisy (our doe) he began strutting his stuff.  Goats are super romantic and their courting rituals are oh so pleasant.  In the goat world, the smellier the better, so when a buck is ready to mate or smells a doe that is, he takes makes himself as smelly as possible.


Goat bucks begin peeing everywhere for their lady, including their own legs, faces and even into their own mouths.  The mustier they make themselves the more likely the doe will respond to their advances.  Our little buck didn’t waste any time, and began performing these romantic rituals.  However, Daisy wasn’t super impressed and had some first date jitters.  She has never been around a buck, but with a little time I am sure her instincts will kick in.

Now that Neil and I are finally settled in our forever homestead, we are full of ideas for future homestead projects. On our agenda for this week is to build a kayak stand and a goat milking stand.  Hopefully in a few days, this (expensive) pile of wood will be transformed into a functional kayak holder and a stand for goat milking and maintenance.


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